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Let the Oppressed Go Free

Feminist Perspectives on the New Testament

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Westminster John Knox Press
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This important collection draws together fascinating recent studies of aspects of the New Testament of special interest to women by Louise Schottroff, a leading European scholar. These essays, translated for the first time, will deepen feminist scholarship in the English-speaking world. There are insightful depictions of the Virgin Mary, "the woman who loved much," Mary Magdalene, and the women at Jesus' grave. Schottoff also studies Paul and women in the first Christian communities of the Roman empire. Such fresh interpretations will be valuable to students at all levels as well as to scholars and interested lay readers.

The Gender and the Biblical Tradition series brings to a wide audience important new discoveries concerning women and the Bible, ancient Israel, and early Christianity. The books explore the role of sexuality within the biblical tradition and document the continuing influence of biblical treatments of gender on subsequent life and thought.

Luise Schottroff teaches New Testament and feminist theology at the University of Kassel in Germany, and is the author of numerous books and articles, including Let the Oppressed Go Free (WJK).

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Luise Schottroff
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