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Clothed with the Sun

Biblical Women, Social Justice and Us

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Westminster John Knox Press
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The Bible holds a great treasure of amazing women. They are judges and prophets, caregivers and teachers, prominent matriarchs of large clans or quiet disciples, women who suffered alone or sang joyous praises to God amid the crowds. Their stories come alive in these pages as they are interwoven with the lives of modern women, bound together by common threads of strength and courage in the face of vulnerability and violation. From Eve to Revelation's woman clothed with the sun--from the first creative impulse to the close of time--female energy has been and will continue to be a river of life and wisdom, of dignity and hope.

Joyce Hollyday is a United Church of Christ minister in Asheville, North Carolina and a former associate editor of Sojourners magazine. She was a founding member of Witness for Peace and a founding board member of Word and World. She is the author of several books.

Clothed with the S...
Biblical Women, So...
by Westminster John Knox Press
Joyce Hollyday
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