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Mindfulness and Christian Spirituality

Making Space for God

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Westminster John Knox Press
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The spiritual practice of mindfulness has continued to gain popularity throughout the years. But what exactly does this practice offer to Christians?

In Mindfulness and Christian Spirituality, Tim Stead explores how practicing mindfulness can help Christians better live out their faith. Stead explains what mindfulness is and what is beneficial about it. He also reflects on how it can impact what and how we believe and seeks to find how mindfulness enables our Christian faith to work for us. Mindfulness practices that are designed to help readers make space for God in their everyday lives are included.

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Tim Stead is an ordained Anglican priest and is currently Vicar of Holy Trinity in Headington Quarry, Oxford. He is also an accredited mindfulness teacher with the Oxford Mindfulness Centre.

Mindfulness and Ch...
Making Space for G...
by Westminster John Knox Press
Tim Stead
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