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Introduction to Christian Ethics

Conflict, Faith, and Human Life

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Westminster John Knox Press
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All Christians read the Bible differently, pray differently, value their traditions differently, and give different weight to individual and corporate judgment. These differences are the basis of conflict. The question Christian ethics must answer, then, is, "What does the good life look like in the context of conflict?"

In this new introductory text, Ellen Ott Marshall uses the inevitable reality of difference to center and organize her exploration of the system of Christian morality.

  • What can we learn from Jesus’ creative use of conflict in situations that were especially attuned to questions of power?
  • What does the image of God look like when we are trying to recognize the divine image within those with whom we are in conflict?
  • How can we better explore and understand the complicated work of reconciliation and justice?

This innovative approach to Christian ethics will benefit a new generation of students who wish to engage the perennial questions of what constitutes a faithful Christian life and a just society.

Ellen Ott Marshall is Associate Professor of Christian Ethics and Conflict Transformation at Candler School of Theology, Emory University. She is the author of Though the Fig Tree Does Not Blossom: Toward a Responsible Theology of Christian Hope; Choosing Peace through Daily Practices; Christians in the Public Square: Faith that Transforms Politics and editor of Conflict Transformation and Religion: Essays on Faith, Power, and Relationship.

Introduction to Ch...
Conflict, Faith, a...
by Westminster John Knox Press
Ellen Ott Marshall
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If you have been looking for an innovative text to teach introductory Christian ethics, then Ellen Ott Marshall’s new book is it. “How do we live the good life in the midst of ongoing conflict?” Marshalluses conflict as an interpretive lens to explicate and rethink theological concepts, such as imago Dei, sin, and reconciliation and ethical theories, such as teleology, deontology and responsibility. Her keen scholarly insights are also practical insights drawn from experiences of conflict in church and society. With this book, Professor Marshall provides a means to teach our students how to think ethically about and be moral agents who respond faithfully to the ongoing conflict of twenty-first century life in church and society. -- Marcia Y. Riggs, J. Erskine Love Professor of Christian Ethics, Columbia Theological Seminary

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