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The Women's Lectionary

Preaching the Women of the Bible throughout the Year

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Westminster John Knox Press
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Focusing on passages about women in the Bible and feminine imagery of God, The Women's Lectionary reimagines the liturgical calendar of preaching for one year. These women are daughters, wives, and mothers. They are also strong female leaders, evil queens, and wicked stepmothers. They are disciples, troublemakers, and prophetesses. Ashley Wilcox explores how the feminine descriptions of God in the Bible are similarly varied—how does it change our understanding if God is feminine wisdom, has wings, or is an angry mother bear?

Discover this must-have lectionary, perfect for every female clergyperson or anyone seeking to incorporate more insights from a female perspective into their preaching. From well-known figures like Miriam and Mary to lesser-known women like Huldah and Sapphira to feminine metaphors, this comprehensive resource features more than one hundred commentary essays with an Old Testament and New Testament passage for each Sunday of the year and special holy days in the calendar.

Ashley M. Wilcox is a Quaker minister and founder of the Church of Mary Magdalene. She is a graduate of Candler School of Theology and Willamette University of Law. 

The Women's Lectio...
Preaching the Wome...
by Westminster John Knox Press
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