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The Desert of Compassion

Devotions for the Lenten Journey

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Westminster John Knox Press
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The desert, a landscape both severe and beautiful, embodies spiritual struggle and divine support. Jesus experienced forty days of testing and transformation in the rugged Judean desert. Whether disease, social injustice, personal loss, or other challenges have led you to the spiritual desert, it may seem doubtful that any good can come from hardship. Yet it was the arid wilderness of physical deprivation and soul-deep testing that prepared Jesus to live a life of devotion, courage, and merciful service to others. Deserts have much to teach about vulnerability, tenacity, and the interdependence of living beings.The season of Lent, based on Jesus’ forty days in the desert, calls you to navigate your own trials with trust in God and compassion for yourself. By doing so, you can learn to treat your dear ones, your neighbors, and all creatures with care contoured by wisdom.

In these daily devotions for the Lenten journey, author Rachel M. Srubas draws on her life and learnings as a contemplative pastor, spiritual director, and desert dweller. Written in language both relatable and reverent, The Desert of Compassion provides daily Lenten sustenance inspired by sacred Scripture, present-day teachings, and personal experience. It is equally suitable for individual readers and spiritual formation groups.

Rachel M. Srubas has been pastor of Mountain Shadows Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) in Tucson, Arizona, since 2006. She is the author of numerous articles and books, including Benedictine Promises for Everyday People: Staying Put, Listening Well, Being Changed by God and The Girl Got Up: A Cruciform Memoir.

The Desert of Comp...
Devotions for the ...
by Westminster John Knox Press
Rachel M. Srubas
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