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Christian Aid Book of Simple Feasts: Cooking for a Crowd Through the Christian Year

Cooking for a Crowd Through the Christian Year

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Coming up with an imaginative and inexpensive meal or buffet for twenty, thirty, fifty people or more is something that church cooks are always being asked to do, but you won't find instructions in your latest Nigella Lawson or Jamie Oliver volumes. After a lifetime of giving hospitality, cookery writer Sarah Stancliffe shares tried and tested ideas for cooking for large numbers on a budget. Ideal for the many church occasions through the year involving food and drink, as well as entertaining at home, she builds her menus around inexpensive ingredients in season and Fair Trade foods. Arranged in four sections: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, it covers celebratory and everyday occasions throughout the year including Harvest suppers, Lent lunches, Christmas and New Year parties, and much more, your catering is guaranteed to have flavour and style whatever the time of year and whatever the occasion.
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Christian Aid Book...
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