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Help! I'm a Sunday School Teacher
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This highly popular book includes everything you need to know to succeed as a Sunday School teacher. From this book you will learn about different teaching styles as well as ways to develop your own unique style. You will also learn about different types of learning styles and types of lession plans you may use. You will learn how teachers guides are constructed and how to use them effectively. To complete the picture, you will learn to recognize and make effective use of additional resources available to you. Finally you will discover how to stake your claims and advocate for your class, your space, and your program.

This book is both for new teachers and for those with some experience but who would appreciate some insight into church education. It would make a great gift for Christian education committees and a great resource to give to new teachers.

Mary Duckert was an author and Christian educator. Duckert served as Secretary for Elementary Resources for Church Educational Services of the Board of Christian Education of the former United Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. and received the Educator of the Year award from the Association of Presbyterian Church Educators in 1995.

Help! I'm a Sunday...
Mary Duckert
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