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Presbyterians Today, July/August 2019
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The Suicide Epidemic

Over the past 16 years, the number of suicides in the U.S. has jumped by more than 30%. Suicide touches people from every walk of life — no one is immune: celebrities, military personnel, “ordinary” folks, even children and teens. Enlightened churches today play a pivotal role in the nation’s suicide epidemic, creating safe spaces for those walking in darkness to talk openly and heal. The PC(USA)’s 2018 General Assembly urged congregations to get involved in the important work of suicide prevention. This issue of Presbyterians Today examines what some of our churches are doing to make a difference and shows what you can do to help.

Also in this issue: Military chaplains, caring for the caregivers, progress report: new worshiping communities, do children belong in Sunday worship? Is yours a ‘healthy’ congregation?

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