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Presbyterians Today Advent Devotional 2019

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Presbyterians Today 2019 Advent Devotional


Straw for the Manger: Creating a Matthew 25 Advent season


During this holy season of Advent, we are invited to follow Jesus’s command epitomized by Matthew 25:31–46 to love one another and care for “the least of these.” 

This year’s devotional is very special. The Rev. Sherry Blackman, a Presbyterian pastor, chaplain and award-winning writer and poet, challenges us to fill our days of Advent with simple, practical and loving deeds that help our neighbors — calling each act of kindness a piece of “straw” for the manager to make a soft bed for the Christ child when he arrives on Christmas. It is our hope that you invite family, church friends and those in your community to join you in adding straw this Advent season, so that together you prepare for Christ’s birth. An added bonus to this year’s devotional is the space provided each Sunday of Advent to jot down your reflections and prayers.

Perfect for congregations, families and individuals, each day provides a Scripture excerpt, meditation and prayer to deepen the Advent experience.

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