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Prayer: A spiritual classic for 40 years

A spiritual classic for 40 years

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SCM Press
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First published nearly forty years ago and having been translated into numerous languages, this classic text is written by a Benedictine monk whose Christianity was profoundly enriched by his encounter with Hindu spirituality.áá Described by its author as 'a little book to help Christians in their inner renewal, and to make them increasingly attentive to the call of the Spirit', it is a simple and practical manual for learning to live each moment in the presence of God. 10 short chapters provide a lifetime's agenda and are full of gems of wisdom. ááThey focus on: the holy presence, the mystery of God, recognizing God in all things, listening for God's call, the prayer of silence, and contemplative reading of scripture. This deceptively simple text contains all the building blocks necessary for a mature life of prayer.
Prayer: A spiritua...
A spiritual classi...
by SCM Press
Swami Abhishiktananda
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