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God's Creation

Faith Questions Youth Curriculum

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This four-session study explores our relationship with creation. Youth explore how God created everything, what the Old Testament says about Creation, what Jesus teaches about environmental stewardship, and the different ways youth can care for God’s creation. 

Each leader’s guide contains a link to free downloadable resource pages and a coffeehouse version of each session. 

Sessions included in this unit:

  • How Are We Related to God’s Creation?
  •  What Does the Old Testament Say about Taking Care of Creation?
  •  What Would Jesus Recycle? 
  •  What Else Can I Do to Be a “Green” Christian? 

Series Description
Faith Questions studies are based on faith questions asked by youth. Each session encourages youth to look to Scripture, as well as our faith tradition, in relevant and responsive ways. There are movie, music, and other media suggestions woven throughout the curriculum. Intended for high school age youth, this curriculum is easily adaptable for broadly graded youth programs that may include middle schoolers. 

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