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The Lord's Supper Workbook: Coming to the Table

Being Reformed Series

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The Lord's Supper represents God's promises of love to us in Jesus Christ and presents those promises, sealed in our hearts by faith through the power of God's Holy Spirit. The Supper gives us the deepest assurance that we are God's children. We are drawn together with sisters and brothers in Christ into one body with Christ in the church. This workbook will be of great help in enlarging our understandings of the Lord's Supper. It shows us the importance of the Supper in the church's life and our lives. It answers questions while also helping us more deeply and gratefully realize ways that Christ's presence with us in the sacrament unites us with Christ by faith. Reflecting on the materials here will enlarge our vision of ways the Lord's Supper relates to our lives in the world and our ministries in service to the kingdom of Jesus Christ.
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