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World Christianity in the 20th Century
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The SCM Core Text to ""World Christianity in the 20th Century"", and the accompanying ""Reader in World Christianity in the 20th Century"", are a genuine introduction to the subject. The Core Text is made up of seventeen chapters on key topics in twentieth century Christianity, together with an extended Introduction and a reflective Conclusion. The editors have consulted friends and colleagues worldwide to advise them on local and regional issues and resources. The books serve primarily as a guide to the history of Christianity in the century and as such they examine theological issues that have often been at the heart of key historical events and developments.Part One in both volumes provides a broad introduction to main developments across the regions of the globe affected by Christianity and introduces Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical and Pentecostal streams of thought. Part Two explores themes which have had an impact on all Christian life and thought, such as Christianity and scientific developments, Christianity and war etc. Part Three provides case study from each region - Latin America, Africa, Asia, North America, Europe and the Middle East - which are illustrative of the broad range of developments that occurred during the century. A key textbook and companion reader for a core subject at most higher education and further education institutions of religious studies and theology. The reader volume will be compiled to include helpful linking passages so students are guided as to context, meaning and relationship to themes and both volumes will be cross-referenced for ease of use.
World Christianity...
by SCM Press
Noel Davies
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World Christianity...
by SCM Press
Noel Davies
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