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Christian Doctrine
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The SCM Studyguide Christian Doctrine engages readers by developing theological conversations between his or her own æordinary theologyÆ, on the one hand, and the theological resources of ecclesiastical and academic theology, on the other. Students get a clear view of the wide canvas of Christian doctrine, including a range of different theological positions. This study of doctrine helps those who are seeking a form of Christian thinking and spirituality û and possibly ministry û that is true to their own lives, and takes their own hesitations and doubts seriously.á Each chapter is broken up into sections and interspersed with boxes which introduce pertinent extracts from classical and contemporary theologians, together with short exercises or aids to reading these texts, or provide explanations of technical theological terms. Each chapter has questions for reflection and/or discussion, together with suggestions for further reading.
Christian Doctrine...
by SCM Press
Jeff Astley
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