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Grandeur of Reason: Religion, Tradition and Universalism

Religion, Tradition and Universalism

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"The SCM Veritas Series brings to market original volumes engaging in critical questions of pressing concern to theologians as well as philosophers, biologists, economists, and representatives of other disciplines. ""The Grandeur of Reason"" is the most spectacular Veritas volume to date. It presents a world-class cast of contributors debating the question of universalism. The book includes original contributions by Stanley Hauerwas, John Milbank, Graham Ward, Oliver O'Donovan, Michael Northcott, D. Stephen Long and Peter Candler and a foreword by Angelo Cardinal Scola. It attempts to think through the re-hellenization of Christian faith. The collection focuses on the importance of Christian 'truth' and the tradition of how faith and reason are bound together in the universal claim of the Gospel. It points toward an authentic understanding of tolerance and ecumenism. The aim of the volume is to establish a path of honest intercultural communication in pursuit of universal truth, guided by the grandeur of reason, and u
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