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The Abiding Presence: A Theological Commentary on Exodus
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With an emphasis on the nature and importance of divine presence, "The Abiding Presence" provides a unique perspective on the overarching theology of Exodus drawing particular attention to God’s revelation at the burning bush, Sinai, and the tabernacle. 

Exploring the rich theological themes that emerge from the final form of the narrative the commentary also reflects on how these themes were employed by New Testament authors in understanding the life and ministry of Christ. 

Bridging the gap between accessibility and scholarly rigour, this commentary offers an excellent tool for ordinands, students, teachers in higher education and preachers to engage with the theology of the book in its Old Testament context as well as how its message is revealed in the New Testament and continues to speak today.


1. Introduction
2. Presence in Absence (1.1 - 2.25)
3. Presence in a Name (3.1 - 7.7)
4. Presence in Creation (7.8 - 15.21)
5. Wandering in the Wilderness (15.22 - 18.27)
6. Divine Presence, Holiness and Law (19.1 - 24.18)
7. Creating Space for the Divine (25.1 - 31.18)
8. Sin at Sinai (32.1 - 34.35)
9. The Abiding Presence and the Climax of Creation (35.1 - 40.38)
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