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The Queer Bible Commentary, Second Edition
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First published over ten years ago, The Queer Bible Commentary brings together the work of several scholars and pastors known for their interest in the areas of gender, sexuality and Biblical studies.

Contributors draw on feminist, queer, deconstructionist, utopian theories, the social sciences and historical-critical discourses. The focus is both how reading from lesbian, gay, bisexual and/or transgender perspectives affect the reading and interpretation of biblical texts and how biblical texts have and do affect LGBTQ+ communities.

This revised 2nd edition includes updated bibliographies and chapters taking into account the latest literature relating to queer interpretation of scripture.


Rev. Mona West earned a Ph.D. in Hebrew Bible/Old Testament from Southern Seminary in Louisville, KY and has taught biblical studies at several colleges, universities and seminaries throughout the United States. She is an Elder at the Metropolitan Community Church

The Revd Dr Robert Shore-Goss is a retired clergy of the United Church of Christ


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