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Life Attitudes

A Five-session Course on the Beatitudes for Lent

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SCM Press
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The aim of this course is to explore the Beatitudes, which encapsulate the teaching of Jesus. Jesus himself lived out the Beatitudes in his earthly life and called his followers to do the same. This five-session group study course encourages Christians to examine their lifestyle in the light of JesusÆ radical teaching and to live out these kingdom values û now. ááThis course takes a two-pronged approach to studying the Beatitudes, deepening our understanding of Jesus and challenging our deepest personal values; and helping us understand how they should impact on our approach to major global issues, such as environmental pollution and the deep-seated hostilities and injustices that afflict our world. ááEach session of the course contains enough material for 90 minutes and includes guidelines for group study, with full background notes for leaders, interactive activities, including questions for group discussion and multimedia suggestions, a wide range of suggestions for Lenten prayer and meditation, and a challenge to pra
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Life Attitudes
A Five-session Cou...
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Robert Warren
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