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A People on the Move

Moses, Miriam, Aaron, & the Exodus of the Hebrew People

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A People on the Move illustrates God's creation of a new covenant with the Hebrew people. The story of the escape from Egypt is filled with events that we can link to our own experiences today. It is the central salvation story for the Jewish people, and is also a key story for Christians. This all-ages learning resource includes lots of hands-on learning activities, craft ideas, and a Wilderness Wanderings board game that takes players on a journey with the Hebrew people through the desert wilderness to the Promised Land. Along the way participants learn the Ten Commandments. (Module contains 2 copies of board game. All the game pieces included.)

Marilyn Perry is an outstanding and respected Christian educator, well-known for her innovative teaching techniques with both children and adults. One of the originators of The Whole People of God church school curriculum, she was also, for more than ten years, its coordinating editor. Besides her curriculum work, Perry has authored five children's books.

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