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Faith formation and the Christian tradition

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Beginning in New Testament times, there is a time-honoured tradition of forming new Christians in the essentials of faith: catechesis. This volume aims to uncover the riches of this tradition for all who teach and preach the faith today, and well as animate it: St Augustine wrote that joy should be the prime characteristic of those who teach the faith.

Six outstanding theologians and historians open up the tradition of catechesis for today’s church:

• Alister McGrath explores the role of the creeds in catechesis;
• Susan Gillingham, Professor of the Hebrew Bible, looks at the Psalms in Christian formation;
• Jennifer Strawbridge, Associate Professor of New Testament, reflects on catechesis in the early church;
• Carole Harrison, Lady Margaret Professor of Divinity, offers lessons from the patristic period;
• Sarah Foot, Regius Professor of Ecclesiastical History, draws lessons from the Anglo Saxon missions to Europe;
• Simon Jones, Chaplain of Merton College and member of the Liturgical Commission, links formation and liturgy;
• Steven Croft shows how this great tradition can be revitalised today.

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