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Great is the Mystery of Faith: Exploring Faith Through the Words of Worship

Exploring Faith Through the Words of Worship

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SCM Press
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Liturgical texts, repeated week after week by hundreds of thousands of people, are an ideal starting-point for exploring deep matters of faith. Their rich theological content, their themes and their familiarity, can help us develop a more mature, informed faith and spirituality. Assuming no specialist knowledge but convinced that a good theological understanding is within everyone's grasp, Paul Ferguson takes often repeated words from the Eucharist, morning and evening prayer, and the baptism, marriage and funeral rites to explore core Christian belief. Ideal for confirmation courses, study groups and individual reading, this will take readers to new places of understanding via familiar, loved texts.
PAUL FERGUSON is the Archdeacon of Cleveland and Warden of Readers in the Diocese of York, UK.
Great is the Myste...
Exploring Faith Th...
by SCM Press
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