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BritainÆs best loved rural writer chronicles the progress of the seasons in the Stour valley village where he has lived and worked among artists, writers, farmers and, increasingly, commuters. For all the changes in the contemporary countryside, timeless qualities remain and both are captured here with a poetÆs understanding and imagination. The year takes its shape from the seasons of nature and the feasts and festivals of the Christian year. Each informs and illuminates the other in this loving celebration of natureÆs gifts and neighbourly friendship. Literature, poetry, spirituality and memory all merge to create an exquisite series of stories of our times. These short essays first appeared in the æWord From WormingfordÆ column, a popular back page feature of the Church Times for almost twenty years.
RONALD BLYTHE is one of the UK's foremost literary figures. His work, which has won countless awards, includes Akenfield (a Penguin 20th Century Classic - it was also made into a feature film), Private Words, Field Work, Outsiders: a Book of Garden Friends and numerous other titles. He is a recipient of the prestigious Benson Medal awarded by the Royal Society of Literature.
Village Hours
by SCM Press
Roland Blythe
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