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To Build Christ's Kingdom: An F.D.Maurice Reader

An F.D.Maurice Reader

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SCM Press
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""Frank Dennison Maurice (1805-72) was arguably the most significant Anglican thinker of the modern age, and the ""Canterbury Spiritual Theology"" series would be incomplete without a volume on this extraordinary figure and his immense influence on contemporary Anglican identity and understanding. Through a series of bruising encounters with his contemporaries, he pioneered a creative response to the critical challenges of modernity. Paying equal attention to contemporary criticism and orthodox Christian belief, he anticipated trends in later theology and set a pattern for reflection and negotiation that is familiar in Anglicanism today. In his work on the church's social witness, he founded Christian Socialism; in his writing on the doctrine of the church, he set out principles that remain central to Anglicanism today; he advocated a representative rather than a hierarchical theology of the ministry; and the established formula of 'Scripture, creeds, sacrament and episopacy' which has guided Anglican approaches to inter-c
To Build Christ's ...
An F.D.Maurice Rea...
by SCM Press
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