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The Oblate Life: A Handbook for Spiritual Formation

A Handbook for Spiritual Formation

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The pattern of religious life is changing dramatically. While the numbers of professed monks and nuns is small and falling, large numbers of men and women people are formally promising to live in the world by monastic values. Equally, churches are failing to win large numbers, but many are drawn to the simplicity and wisdom of monastic life. Among Benedictines, these are known as oblates. ááHere is a comprehensive guide to living as an oblate - in the home, in society, at work and in the church. Written by experienced oblate directors from around the world, it is an essential, lifelong formative guide for anyone living or considering the oblate life.ááContributors include ROWAN WILLIAMS, ESTHER DE WAAL, MARIA BOULDING and dozens of other well known spiritual writers.
The Oblate Life: A...
A Handbook for Spi...
by SCM Press
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