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My Pew: Things I Have Seen from It: More Dave Walker Cartoons

More Dave Walker Cartoons

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'My Pew: Things I Have Seen From It' is Dave's second cartoon collection and in it he reveals: the five worst places to sit in church, reasons to shut your eyes during a sermon, what the church can learn from the retail sector, clergy washing lines - what you can discover from them, sharing the peace - a handy mathematical formula, a tried and tested reality tv method for appointing a new vicar, a guide to deciding whether to go to church or watch the football. In addition, this publication is distinguished by including what may be the world's only wordless book introduction.
Dave Walker started drawing cartoons in lectures at Bible College. He now enjoys a huge following via the Church Times, his website,, and the Church Times blog g Formerly a church youth worker, he lives in Essex.
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