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Creative Ideas for Pastoral Liturgy: Marriage Services and Wedding Blessings

Marriage Services and Wedding Blessings

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SCM Press
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Arising out of many years' practical experience in local parishes and on a diocesan liturgical committee, this second volume in a series of three by this creative team of writers will help local churches everywhere make the most of the opportunities presented by couples coming for marriage or a wedding blessing. The wedding industry today is driven by consumer choice. Churches are uniquely placed to offer: real pastoral support at what is often a stressful (and expensive!) time, time out to consider what marriage means and imaginative liturgies that can make a wedding truly memorable. ááThis book is full of ideas that will help make the experience of getting married in church joyous, memorable and meaningful. From giving engaged couples 'Stress-busting gift packs', to creating personalised wedding ceremonies, ideas for church decorating and welcoming couples who have got married in another part of the country or abroad, this is a resource brimming with simple and effective ideas.
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