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Understanding Autism
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Autism, from the Greek word autos, or "self," is a common neurological disorder that currently affects 1 in every 150 children (not counting adults), impacting males with four times greater frequency than females. Because autism precludes the body from properly receiving signals transmitted by the brain, people with autism may be unable to speak reliably and connect socially, to move limbs as they would wish, or carry themselves with agility. Additional autistic characteristics may include repetitive actions such as repeated hand flapping or humming and a preoccupation with parts of objects, like the child who is content to spin the wheel of a toy car instead of rolling the car along on all four wheels.

What do persons with autism want others to know about them and how to treat them? Are persons with autism spiritual? How can Christian communities best serve this group of brothers and sisters and their families? These topics are explored in this one-session study.

William Stillman lives in Pennsylvania and is the author of several autism and related parenting books, including Autism and the God Connection. His web site is www.willia

Understanding Auti...
William Stillman
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