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The Green Study Pack
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This six-session study pack takes a down-to-earth look at the practical concerns we should be aware of relating to global climate change. Specifically, how is global climate change actually affecting our land, our water, our air? And what should we be doing about it? By "we," we don't mean the government, or the Environmental Protection Agency, or scientists, or any other group; rather what can we personally do to honor God's creation instead of contributing to its destruction? These studies are full of workable solutions for "greening" our homes and our communities. These solutions are easily incorporated into our daily habits yet still yield measurable results--and perhaps, an immeasurable level of satisfaction!

Studies Included in This Study Pack:

  • Air Pollution: Inside and Out
  • A Return to Recycling
  • Land: Conservation and Renewal
  • Being Green at Home
  • Being Green in Daily Life
  • Water: Precious Gift and Endangered Resource
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