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When a child decides to come out to his or her family, many questions arise. ■What do I tell my friends, or grandma and grandpa, younger siblings? Will my child ■be safe, can I change his mind, and how will my spouse react? This study ■provides answers and advice for parents or friends of parents whose children ■have come out.
Mom, I'm Gay
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What is a helpful response to a child who risks rejection by confiding in you that he is gay? How do you deal with your first reactions? What will you tell family and friends? What has changed and what has not?

This study is for parents and friends of parents who have or suspect a child is homosexual. The focus is on supporting the child and the family as they adjust to this new knowledge. It is not about discouraging the child from living their sexual orientation.

Donna Sinclair is a writer and editor for The United Church Observer. She is the author of several books and the mother of three children.

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