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Speaking to Silence

New Rites for Christian Worship and Healing

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Westminster John Knox Press
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Janet Peterman presents a variety of healing and comforting rituals that can be used in situations that are likely to be encountered in congregations but yet are not typically treated in standard liturgies. Peterman offers her reflections on the significance of rituals and includes a broad spectrum of rituals for personal use, for life in the home or at church, for use in the wider community, or for help in leading to transformation. She concludes by describing a seven-step process for creating new rituals and suggests ways to adapt existing worship materials for use in new settings. This much-needed resource will help pastors and lay leaders develop their own skills and insights for creating liturgies and rituals that provide relief, healing, and support for those in congregations who are faced with critical and life-altering situations.

Janet S. Peterman is currently serving as Interim Pastor at St. Mark's Lutheran Church in Oaklyn, New Jersey. She served as Pastor of St. Michael's Lutheran Church in Philadelphia for more than twenty years. She holds a Master of Divinity degree from Harvard Divinity School.

Speaking to Silenc...
New Rites for Chri...
by Westminster John Knox Press
Janet S. Peterman
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