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A Geography of God

Exploring the Christian Journey

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Westminster John Knox Press
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In A Geography of God, popular author and preacher Michael Lindvall describes the life of a Christian as a journey with three parts: "Leaving for Home," "The Way," and "Life on the Road." The first part of the journey struggles with the question, why go anywhere at all, spiritually speaking? The second part names the road, the way found in the ancient map of God called the Trinity. The third part describes life on the road as many others have known it: full of mile markers, road signs, warnings of perilous curves, refreshments for the weary, and notices of lively things to be seen along the way. This wonderfully written book provides readers with some hints about what they may experience during their individual journeys.

This book is ideal as devotional reading for all Christians, and it provides helpful explanations of many of Christianity's foundational beliefs for those new to the Christian faith. Educators and pastors will also welcome the book as a help for sermon illustrations and adult and young adult study classes.

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Michael L. Lindvall is Senior Pastor of Brick Presbyterian Church in New York City and has previously served as pastor to congregations in Ann Arbor, Michigan and Northport, Long Island. He is the author of What Did Jesus Do? A Crash Course in His Life and Times and two novels, The Good News from North Haven and Leaving North Haven.

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