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Old Testament Ethics

A Paradigmatic Approach

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Westminster John Knox Press
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Using five different Old Testament stories as paradigms for correct ethical behavior, Waldemar Janzen provides a comprehensive way of understanding the ethical message in the Old Testament. The five models of the good life he uses are the holy life (the priestly paradigm), the wise life (the sapiential or wisdom paradigm), the just life (the royal paradigm), the serving and suffering life (the prophetic paradigm), and the familial paradigm. Janzen demonstrates that all five paradigms are linked because the familial paradigm represents the comprehensive end of all Old Testament ethics.

Waldemar Janzen is Professor Emeritus of Old Testament at Canadian Mennonite University in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Old Testament Ethi...
A Paradigmatic App...
by Westminster John Knox Press
Waldemar Janzen
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