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Called Out

100 Devotions for LGBTQ Christians

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Westminster John Knox Press
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The experience of growing up “different,” coming out in a disapproving environment, having one’s identity and relationships questioned or downright rejected shapes the faith of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and queer Christians in ways those outside the community cannot fully understand. LGBTQ Christians need spiritual resources that speak to the unique joys and challenges of their journey.

E. Carrington Heath offers one hundred devotions on such topics as authenticity, coming out, relationships, chosen family, religious trauma, and more to nurture the faith of our LGBTQ siblings and help friends, family, and allies grow in understanding and faith.

Fully affirming of all, sensitive to the diversity of the entire LGBTQ community, and backed by theological depth, these devotions will lift the reader up and empower them for the work of transforming the world.

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Emily C. Heath serves as the Senior Pastor of the Congregational Church in Exeter, New Hampshire. They have been active in the LGBTQ community for over twenty- five years and are one of the few nonbinary ministers to serve as the senior pastor of a congregation. They live in Exeter with their wife. This is their third book.
Called Out
100 Devotions for ...
by Westminster John Knox Press
E. Carrington Heath
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“This is the devotional I have longed to hold in my hands for years. Heath's reflections speak honestly about the sometimes painful facts of being LGBTQIA2S+ in this day and age, but also celebrates the distinct and beautiful gifts that our queerness gives the church and the world.” -Slats Toole, queer Presbyterian writer, preacher, and theatre director

“In simple, beautiful prose dripping with wisdom, Heath mines the LGBTQ experience for deep, spiritual, universal truths. I felt at turns engaged, comforted, challenged and healed by the stories they told and the brief, moving prayers that they offered.” -Jon Carl Lewis, writer, spiritual director, and host of Sex & the Gay Christian

“Each reflection in Called Out is like a cup of cool water on a hot day. In a world that can often feel hostile to our flourishing, Heath reminds us of the many ways queer and trans people are uniquely gifted to meet this moment. In the messiness, in the joy, in the journey—God is with us.” -Austen Hartke, author of Transforming: The Bible and the Lives of Transgender Christians

"There is a lack of resources to address the unique life and spiritual experiences of LGBTQ+ Christians. Heath's Called Out is an incredible source of inspiration and encouragement for LGBTQ+ Christians, offering a mix of challenging spiritual lessons and encouraging reflections rooted in the Scriptures to help nurture and enrich the soul of LGBTQ+ Christians. If you're an LGBTQ+ Christian looking for an accessible resource to guide your spiritual life, this is the devotional for you." -Brandan Robertson, author of Filled to Be Emptied: The Path of Liberation for Privileged People

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