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Lent of Liberation

Confronting the Legacy of American Slavery

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Westminster John Knox Press
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This Lenten devotional invites readers to learn more about the brutal institution of slavery and its impact on Black people in America and discover how its evolution and legacy continue to harm their descendants in the United States today. Each of the forty devotions includes the testimony of a person who escaped slavery through the Underground Railroad, a Scripture passage, and a reflection connecting biblical and historical themes to challenge modern readers to work for liberation. Reflecting on Lenten themes of exodus, redemption, discipline, and repentance, readers, both Black and white, will be empowered for the work of racial justice.

Cheri L. Mills has served in full-time ministry for twenty-seven years at St. Stephen Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky. She is also prayer director at Simmons College of Kentucky, the nation's 107th HBCU, and the founder of 1 Voice Prayer Movement. She was awarded the Mary McLeod Bethune Achievement Award by the Louisville Section of the National Council of Negro Women for her contributions to the community, state, and beyond.
Lent of Liberation...
Confronting the Le...
by Westminster John Knox Press
Cheri L. Mills
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