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Advent in Plain Sight

A Devotion through Ten Objects

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Westminster John Knox Press
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At Christmas, God came into our ordinary world in the form of a child, and still today, God is at work through the ordinary stuff of life, if we train our eyes to see.

In this daily devotional for Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany, Jill J. Duffield draws readers’ attention to ten ordinary objects that appear in the biblical narratives of messianic prophesy and incarnation—objects we encounter in our own lives. Through objects such as gates, trees, cloth, light, and water, readers will find new meaning in the biblical account of Jesus’ coming. By connecting everyday objects with biblical texts, Advent in Plain Sight prompts readers to see the near kingdom of heaven on earth and ponder what that divine proximity enables and asks them to do and be. Each daily devotional features a Scripture reading, prayer, and reflection, reminding Christians that God still dwells among us, even in the most ordinary places.

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Jill J. Duffield is Senior Minister of First Presbyterian Church in Greensboro, North Carolina, and formerly served as editor of The Presbyterian Outlook. She holds an MDiv from Union Presbyterian Seminary and a DMin from Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary with a concentration in preaching. She is the author of Lent in Plain Sight: A Devotion through Ten Objects.
Advent in Plain Si...
A Devotion through...
by Westminster John Knox Press
Jill J. Duffield
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Lent in Plain Sigh...
A Devotion through...
by Westminster John Knox Press
Jill J. Duffield
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