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Words of Love

A Healing Journey with the Ten Commandments

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Westminster John Knox Press
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The Ten Commandments are more than a list of ancient rules. Beneath the surface, they offer a profound invitation to healing and transformation. In this unique Bible study, readers will discover that the Ten Commandments are words from the heart of God, given to reconcile creation to Creator and God’s people to one another. In Words of Love, Eugenia Anne Gamble dives into each of the Ten Commandments and examines their application for modern-day Christians, going beyond the letter of the law to a spiritual truth pointing us toward wholeness and well-being. Each chapter includes a spiritual practice and questions for reflection and discussion to help readers engage deeply with the message of each commandment, whether individually or in a group.

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Eugenia Gamble is Pastor of Nipomo Community Presbyterian Church in Nipomo, California.

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Words of Love
A Healing Journey ...
by Westminster John Knox Press
Eugenia Anne Gamble
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“A wonderfully fresh take on the Ten Commandments. Drawing on Hebrew word meanings, scholarship, and a rich array of stories, Gamble offers healing for those who have felt shamed and condemned by these verses. Exploring the ‘Ten Words’ as God’s self-revelation and invitation to participate in the Beloved Community, this book deserves to be widely read, discussed, and worked through. It holds great promise for individual and communal transformation.”

-Marjorie Thompson, author of Soul Feast and Forgiveness

Words of Love demonstrates Gamble’s myriad gifts as preacher, teacher and writer. Gamble’s generous reading of this foundational Scripture evokes a sense of wonder, rather than fear, creativity instead of restriction. The spiritual practices and questions at the end of each chapter make it a perfect book for both individual and group study.”

-Jill Duffield, author of Lent in Plain Sight and Advent in Plain Sight

“Here we have a splendid, substantial study of the Ten Commandments, the ‘Ten Words’ as the author explains their meaning and context. Gamble combines excellent writing with good scholarship and vivid storytelling.”

-Lou Weeks, President and Professor Emeritus, Union Presbyterian Seminary

“Using a rich level of story-telling, Gamble blends biblical scholarship with pastoral insight into the struggles of day-to-day life. This intimate engagement with the Ten Commandments beautifully highlights God's constant love and grace-filled care, as well as the potential transformation available to us.”

-Janice E. Catron, author of God’s Vision, Our Calling

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