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Women of the Passion: The Women of the New Testament Tell Their Story

The Women of the New Testament Tell Their Story

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The Women of the Passion offers a completely fresh and challenging perspective on the key events in the life of Jesus and his followers, seeing them from the point of view of the women present. ááJesus' human life begins with a young girl courageously saving yes to a startling plan. At his death, when his disciples have fled, Mary stands at the foot of the cross with her sister and friend and share in the bitter agony of it all. Distraught, but unafraid to face the Roman guard, a group of women bring anointing spices to the tomb only to find it empty... And on that wonderful Easter morning, it is to a woman that the resurrected Christ first appears. Other women are strangely affected by only the remotest encounter - the servant girl who accuses Peter on the night of Jesus' trial and sees the piercing look that reduces the headstrong disciple to shameful weeping, Pilate's wife who has a troubled night on Jesus' account and begs her husband to leave well alone.ááTheir voices speak with clarity and directness down the c
Women of the Passi...
The Women of the N...
by SCM Press
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