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Who are the Celtic Saints?
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In the revival of interest in Celtic spirituality, the stories of the Celtic saints have been retold, often festooned with legend and folklore. The holy men and women who witnessed to the Christian faith with great courage and steadfastness in a very harsh world deserve better than this, argues Kathleen Jones, and in Who Are The Celtic Saints' she sets out discover the truth about these remarkable figures whose distinctive spirituality remains an inspiration today. This unique and groundbreaking book, based on the historical records, attempts to recreate the real experiences of the saints of the Celtic Church - their dedication, their love of poetry and learning, their yearning for solitude, their contemplation of the Creator through creation, their urgency in preaching and in mission. Who Are The Celtic Saints' gives a compelling account of Patrick, Brigid, Columba, David and the many other men and women who kept the flame of faith burning brightly in Ireland, Scotland and the Western Isles, Wales, Cornwall, Brittany an
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