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God's Coming to Visit!
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The news spreads like lightning: God’s coming to visit! All the animals want to do something to impress God. But what could possibly be special enough? And when will God arrive?

With sensitivity and humor, this story explores the nature of God’s presence and love, affirming that although God may not appear in the ways we expect, we can always be certain that God is with us.

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Franz Hubner is a longtime author and publisher known for writing stories that address children's questions about God. He lives in Germany.
God's Coming to Vi...
Franz Hubner
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“A humorous tale that gets across the message that God is here to stay.” —Kirkus Reviews

“The illustrations in this story are simply as sweet and amazing as the message itself. . . . Every home and church bookstore should be sure it has a sufficient number lined upon their shelves!” Story Monsters Ink

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