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I Love You, Blue
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Aren’t the blue waters beautiful? But when a storm hits, the waves roar and rage. Mayday! Mayday! Can anyone help? 

One rescue leads to another in this charming story of friendship, revealing that care for the ocean and its inhabitants can lead to the well-being of all. With joyful simplicity, I Love You, Blue introduces the impact of plastic waste in the oceans and includes an author’s note with facts about how whales and their habitat can be protected.

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I Love You, Blue
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“Through the friendship of a lighthouse keeper with a whale named Blue, readers are introduced to the impact of plastic waste on the ocean and ocean life. . . . Simple text and charming watercolor illustrations gently depict the damage humans can do to the environment. While the story is simple, readers learn about the importance of caring for the ocean.” —School Library Journal

“The caring little sailor’s tale presents basic information about humans’ threats to whales along with a heartfelt exhortation for young readers to join in the effort to save the oceans and the whales. . . . A gentle and tender cautionary tale.” Kirkus Reviews

“Written for three to seven year olds, the story itself gives a simple and imaginary solution, on the scale of what a child's psyche can handle to maintain hope. . . The book's combination of charm, affection, conscience, and practical activism make it one that deserves a place in every young child's library.” – Spirituality and Practice

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