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The Coat
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“This story is uplifting and will be a strong resource for teachers to talk about the importance of kindness. VERDICT A must for all libraries. It is not only a beautifully told story, but its message is full of heart. Children will love engaging in “what would I do?” scenarios.” – School Library Journal (starred review)

Ah, the coat. So warm, so beautiful, so red. It’s all Elise has really wanted, and she’s been waiting forever. When will the coat be hers?

Then, a chance encounter changes everything, revealing that the pleasure that comes from belongings (even the perfect ones!) is no match for the joy of helping others.

At turns lighthearted and poignant, The Coat offers a glimpse at the hardships confronting those who are experiencing homelessness, inspiring us to treat them with compassion and respect. A downloadable discussion guide is available at

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Product Excerpts and Related Resources:
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The Coat
Severine Vidal
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“Primary red, blue, and yellow play against muted backdrops in the sketchlike illustrations of this heartfelt story that encourages compassion and reflection on what’s truly important.” – Foreword Reviews

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