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Korean Engage: Mission, Leader's Guide

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This is the Korean translation of Engage: MIssion.

It is out of growing disciples that we engage in God's mission by preparing people in the church to be missionaries in their neighborhoods and local communities. Engage: Mission will you see your church's neighborhood as a mission field. Through prayer walks, discernment, and talking with people in the neighborhood, the church begins the journey of being the church in the community.

Based on the well-loved PC(USA) program of the same name, Engage curriculum inspires a journey of prayer and faith-sharing, equips members to live out and share their growing faith, and connects the church with its community. Each seven-session curriculum resource--Engage: Gospel, Engage: Discipleship, and Engage: Mission--was developed in partnership with the Office of Evangelism PC(USA) and Congregational Ministries Publishing.

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