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Phenomenology and the Holy: Religious experience after Husser

Religious experience after Husser

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SCM Press
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SCM Veritas engages in critical and original questions of pressing concern to both philosophers and theologians. The major concern of all books in this series is to display a rigorous theological critique of categories not often thought to be theological in character, such as phenomenology or metaphysics which are mainly considered as philosophical categories. All the books in this series aim to illustrate that without theology, something essential is lost in our accounts of such categories not only in the abstract but in the way in which we inhabit the world. Phenomenology and the Holy is a study of the holy which attempts to find this both in the ordinary and in the sublime, thus challenging the reduction of the holy to a discrete and separated field of experience. Phenomenology is a key area of twentieth-century philosophy in which there is a wide interest, not only among philosophers but also among theologians and religious studies scholars.
Phenomenology and ...
Religious experien...
by SCM Press
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