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Exploring God's Mercy: Five Images of Salvation

Five Images of Salvation

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The great mystery of the human condition and God's action to save us is too vast to be contained in a single image or one kind of language. The Bible uses a kaleidoscope of word pictures of human life and God's intervention in it. Exploring God's Mercy is a short course for small groups that focuses on five classic images of the Christian gospel which are woven through scripture and the Christian tradition:''Lost and finding the way'Trapped and set free'Sick in soul and healed'In turmoil and being at peace'Barren and becoming fruitful ''Each chapter explores one of these images through stories, popular culture, biblical material and Christian tradition, supported by YouTube clips and further film suggestions. Discussion starters, questions, prayers and a leader's guide are included making this ideal for Lent groups or as an introductory course to the Christian faith at any time of the year.
Exploring God's Me...
Five Images of Sal...
by SCM Press
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