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Creative Ideas for Pastoral Liturgy

Baptism, Confirmation, and Liturgies for the Journey

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"Christian initiation takes varying forms in different denominations and for many non-churchgoing new parents, a christening or some other kind of ceremony is important at this landmark time in their lives. Equally, many adults seek baptism in the Church of England and the ancient practice of baptism with confirmation at the Easter Vigil is enjoying a revival. This volume - the third and final volume in the ""Creative Pastoral Liturgy"" series - offers imaginative ideas and liturgies for all these and many more occasions in the life of a local church which you will not find in official service books. These include: blessings for a house and a new building, thanksgiving liturgies for all who help to run the church, services of blessing for those moving away, for a student going travelling, for a group going on pilgrimage, for an ordinand starting training, and for someone going to serve overseas. As with the companion volumes on marriage and funerals, this invaluable resource ensures that the authorised initiation liturg
Creative Ideas for...
Baptism, Confirmat...
by SCM Press
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