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Galatians reminds us of a time when the earliest followers of Christ struggled to ■define what exactly made a person a Christian. Paul addresses circumcision, ■dietary regulations and observance of Sabbath and festivals--irreversible ■commitments expected by the law of Moses--and argues about the Law's ■relevance for Gentile Christians.
Introduction to the Gospel of Mark
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This study is a four- session introduction to the Gospel of Mark. The participants are encouraged to read the Gospel outside of the sessions. The materials probe questions raised by the Gospel and encourage participants not just to study the Gospel but also to reflect on what the Gospel means to them.

The first session explores some basic questions readers have of this book. What is known about the author? When, where, to whom, and why was the Gospel of Mark written? The second session discusses the question of what Mark means when he says Jesus is the Son of God. Participants are encouraged to reflect on what they understand this claim to mean for themselves. Session 3 examines Mark's understanding of a life of discipleship. Finally, the fourth session compares the different ending of Mark with that of the other Gospels and discusses the importance of the events of the passion and resurrection, which take up almost half the book.

John Gooch is a retired United Methodist clergy, having served churches in both rural and urban areas. He has taught and written about the Bible for forty years and confesses to a "lifelong love affair with the Word."

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