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This Bible study on the Gospel of Matthew asks participants to take an in-depth ■look at the Scripture of Matthew in order to gain a more personal understanding of ■Jesus.
Introduction to Matthew
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The Gospel of Matthew may be claimed as the Christian book par excellence. It stands at the beginning of the New Testament canon, the first text readers encounter when they pick up the New Testament. Judging from the attention it has received since ancient times, it has often been considered the first Gospel in importance as well. It contains many of the texts most familiar to Christians and non-Christians alike: the Beatitudes, the Lord's Prayer, the Great Commission. Although it was probably not the first Gospel written--that distinction belongs to the Gospel of Mark--Matthew is the first Gospel in the minds of many Christians.

In this four-session study participants will learn about the structure of the book, the original audience, and the major themes the author wished to convey to us in the way he tells the story of Jesus' life and ministry.

Sandra Hack Polaski lives and writes in Richmond, Virginia. She is adjunct professor of New Testament at Union-PSCE in Charlotte, North Carolina, where her specialty is Pauline studies. She is an ordained Baptist minister and enjoys preaching and leading Bible studies in area churches.

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