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Paul and the Role of Women in the Church
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Paul founded churches that met in women's space and in which women were important organizers and participants. He considered women his co-workers and commended their contributions to the work of the gospel. When he described his ongoing ministry with his churches, he imagined himself as performing women's tasks--and in a cultural context in which male and female roles were quite strictly defined. All of these lead us to reconsider the popular notion of Paul as indifferent or even hostile to women. Rather, while Paul remains a man of his time, a time in which women's and men's roles were much more circumscribed than in ours, his letters point toward a measure of interdependence and mutual responsibility that the church is still on its way to bringing to fruition.

This two-session study begins by looking at the women in Paul's churches. The second session examines texts where Paul talks specifically about the role of women in church.

Sandra Hack Polaski lives and writes in Richmond, Virginia. She is adjunct professor of New Testament at Union-PSCE in Charlotte, North Carolina, where her specialty is Pauline studies. She is an ordained Baptist minister and enjoys preaching and leading Bible studies in area churches.

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