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Titles by: Sandra Hack Polaski

Author: Sandra Hack Polaski

Sandra Hack Polaski lives and writes in Richmond, Virginia. She is adjunct professor of New Testament at Union-PSCE in Charlotte, North Carolina, where her specialty is Pauline studies. She is an ordained Baptist minister and enjoys preaching and leading Bible studies in area churches.

By Sandra Hack Polaski
The Gospel of Matthew may be claimed as the Christian book par excellence. It stands at the beginning of the New Testament canon, the first text readers encounter when they pick up the New Testament. Judging from the attention it has received since a...

By Sandra Hack Polaski
Paul founded churches that met in women's space and in which women were important organizers and participants. He considered women his co-workers and commended their contributions to the work of the gospel. When he described his ongoing ministry with...

Rediscovering Paul Study Pack 
Understanding the Controversial Apostle
By Michael R. Cosby, David Otto, Sandra Hack Polaski
The apostle Paul was probably the most influential leader and writer of the early Christian movement. Thirteen letters (epistles) in the New Testament have been traditionally attributed to Paul. Just who was Paul, and how should we think of him? Were...